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Why you should have Private Allergy Testing in Winter

Many of us tend to associate allergies with the spring and summer seasons. This is often correct, as this is when they flare up. However, it’s also one of the reasons why winter is the best time to get tested. Private allergy testing can help you to navigate the challenges of allergies much more efficiently – and to be better prepared for the changes when the warmer months roll around again.

What is Allergy Testing?

The most common type of allergy testing is a skin prick test. This is fast and safe – and also gets great results. The device used for this doesn’t actually contain any needles, it just scrapes the skin so that the suspected allergen can be introduced to the skin on a certain part of your body. It’s usually the skin on your arm or on your back. If there is swelling or redness as a result of the allergen being applied to the skin then it’s a clear sign that this particular allergen is a trigger for you. There is a second option that some patients require, which involves injecting the allergen under the skin. This is called intradermal testing and you can ask your doctor about it.

What do we do with the Results of Private Allergy Testing?

The data that is gathered via private allergy testing is essential to understand how different substances and products affect you. When you have this information you’ll be able to start managing your reactions better. The data that comes from private allergy testing is used by your doctor to create a customised treatment plan that will help to ensure that you have a better experience of the times of the year that would normally cause problems for you – or the situations where allergens have been an issue in the past.

Why is Winter the Ideal Time for an Allergy Test?

There are two main reasons why the winter months tend to be the best time to get an allergy test.

  • You’ll need to stop your medication while the testing goes ahead. Because private allergy testing is designed to trigger a reaction from the body, antihistamine medication can’t be taken while the test is underway. So, if you’re doing the test in spring or summer, you could suffer through a difficult couple of weeks without that medication to help you with your allergic reactions. Most people who take antihistamines don’t need to do so in winter. This is why this is such a great time to do private allergy testing.
  • You’ll be better prepared for the spring and summer next year. Doing private allergy testing now gives you plenty of time to get the results and analyse the data. With the timeliness of a private service, you (and your doctor) can use what you’ve learned to put together a treatment plan in time for spring and summer next year.

Winter is the perfect time to book a private allergy testing service and give yourself the chance of a better spring and summer next time around.

Professional and Efficient Allergy Testing

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