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Benefits of Walking: More Than You Think

When it comes to exercise, we are often quick to overlook the benefits of walking. We tend to think that exercise has to be very hard and sweaty in order to be worth it and this can be off-putting. In fact, moving your body in any way can be beneficial, especially walking. There are lots of benefits of walking and they may be more impressive than you think.

The Key Benefits of Walking

  • Improving overall physical fitness: Walking is very easily accessible cardio – no gym required. Keeping up a decent pace is the key to getting the fitness benefits from walking. That way you can burn more energy, increase your fitness and get your cardio in too, without having to spend out on expensive gym memberships.
  • Reducing vulnerability to several health conditions: There are a lot of instant benefits of walking – and also many that you will start to see over time if you keep the walking up. One of these is that walking can help you to stay in shape and avoid problems such as being overweight or obese. Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also all conditions that can be avoided if walking is a regular part of your schedule.
  • Walking gives you time to yourself: This is especially so if you’re replacing a commute to work with a walk – or just getting out of the house. It’s essential for all of us to have time to think and reflect and doing this while walking means you’ll get all the fitness benefits, as well as that essential alone time too. Use your walking time to listen to podcasts or music or just reflect on any areas of your life that you feel need attention.
  • Mental health gets a boost: During the pandemic lots of research established that one of the key benefits of walking is the positive impact that it has on mental health. Physical activity like this causes chemical changes in the brain – for example, walking will release endorphins which can have a really positive impact on your mood. When you’re walking you can also practice being present and mindful, which are also proven ways to help boost overall mental health.
  • Reducing stress: Walking can actually help you to deal with stress better – that was the conclusion of research from the University of East Anglia. The research found that those who swapped a regular commute for some walking time felt more able to concentrate and less under pressure and strain.
  • A way to save money: A rather unexpected benefit of walking is often that you don’t have to spend any money on another type of transport. That could be petrol for the car or money for a bus or taxi fare. This is one of those benefits that really builds up over time if you are regularly pounding the pavements instead of spending on transport.

The Gentle Joy of Walking

Taking a leisure walk offers a chance to clear one’s mind and engage with one’s surroundings. Whether through a tranquil garden or a peaceful countryside lane, the gentle rhythm of walking provides a calming pleasure. It’s a simple activity that connects both body and soul, allowing us to reflect and enjoy the subtle joys of nature, promoting well-being and a sense of connection to the world around us.

A Step Towards a Better Future

Considering the numerous benefits of walking, why not lace up and take that step towards better health and balance? From physical gains to mental peace and even savings, walking offers so much. It doesn’t need to be strenuous – a simple stroll can do. Get in touch today – let’s make walking part of your routine and journey towards well-being.