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5 Tips to Stop Morning Tiredness

Morning tiredness is one of the biggest challenges of winter for many people. In summer, when the mornings are lighter and warmer, it’s often much easier to get up and grab the day. When it’s cold, dark outside and you generally have less energy, morning tiredness can feel like a real problem. So, what can you do about it? Here are 5 top tips from our private GP’s.

Get as much Daylight as Possible

The shorter days of winter have a tendency to disrupt our sleep and waking cycles – plus the lack of daylight means we produce more melatonin, which makes us feel sleepier. So, if you’re looking to reduce morning tiredness, try to expose your body to as much daylight as possible during the day. Try to:
• Open the curtains first thing in the morning.
• Make your home feel light and flood it with natural daylight all day.
• Make sure you get outside as much as possible, even if just for a lunchtime walk.

Sleep Well

We need sleep to combat morning tiredness but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need more sleep. In fact, if you’re sleeping more during the winter months it can actually end up making you feel worse. So, try to improve the quality of your sleep with:
• A healthy bedtime routine
• A tidy, comfortable bedroom
• Less time on your devices before you go to bed.

If you’re struggling to sleep, booking an appointment with one of our private GP’s can help to identify issues and remedy change.

Exercise Regularly

If you struggle with morning tiredness then you might feel like exercise is out of the question, as it will make you feel even more tired. The reality is that the right amount of exercise can actually energise you. It can also help to reduce tiredness at other times of the day, such as the early evening, and help you to sleep better too. Aim for 150 minutes a week of activities that you enjoy. Some suggestions are:

  • A running club can be a great option if you’re looking for a social solution.
  • If you want to keep warm, then hot yoga can keep you away from the cold.
  • To keep your exercise casual and easy on the body, a daily walk can go a long way.

There are lots of ways to exercise and make it something you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick at it. If you’re looking to engage in sports, there are plenty of activities that can quickly become a regular hobby.

Feed your Body Well

We are increasingly finding a direct link between what we eat and how much energy we have – food is fuel for the body after all. Winter foods are often heavier than the salads and fruit that we might enjoy more of in summer. It’s important to maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of fruit and veg, even if it’s in soups or casseroles. Try to avoid eating too much sugar, as this can provide a rush of energy followed by a big drop.

Take Time to Unwind

Stress is a big reason many of us experience morning tiredness, according to our Private GP. Learning to relax is an effective way to reduce the impact of stress on the body. Some simple routines to minimise stress including learning to meditate, regular cold water therapy or practising mindfulness.

Tailored insight into why you’re tired

If you want to combat morning tiredness in winter then these tips are a great place to start, but every case can be different. Talking with one of our private GP’s is the best way to understand the ins and outs of why you’re tired in the morning. Get in touch today and let’s set you on the right track.