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4 Reasons why you need a Private GP

The right medical care at the right moment is so important. And yet so many people today are experiencing problems getting the support that they need when they need it. Opting for a private GP gives you a lot more options in terms of getting appropriate support for any medical challenges that you have. Private healthcare also tends to be much more accessible than other options. Here are 4 reasons why you need a private GP.

1. Private GP’s Give you More Time

It’s difficult for even the most skilled professionals to be able to get to the heart of an issue in just 15 minutes. That’s why appointments with a private GP are much longer. In fact, you’ll usually have at least 30 minutes with a private GP – or longer if you need it. The advantage of this is having plenty of time to thoroughly discuss what’s going on, to have examinations and checks and also to look at all the details, such as individual medical history and family medical history.

More Availability with Appointments

Rather than simply being offered a small range of appointments at times that may simply not work for you, when you visit a private GP, you’ll get many more choices. This makes the service more accessible and means that you can get the treatment you need around your schedule, as opposed to having to specifically create time for it. A private gp can offer appointments in the morning, in your lunch break, at weekends and in the evenings. Some are even 24 hours.

A Private GP Service is Efficient and Timely

Rather than sitting in the waiting room long past your appointment time before you even get in to see your doctor, with a private GP, you’ll be seen in an organised and efficient way that respects your time. Private healthcare will have:

  • Access to the most efficient services
  • A direct line to specialists and test centres

This means turnaround can be a lot quicker for tests and referrals, and you’ll have a much better, faster range of options when it comes to vaccinations, diet advice, etc. Plus, there is the option of home visits.

A private GP generally offers much more flexibility, and that includes the option of home visits if that is what would work best for you. Consultation and examination can be carried out in whatever environment is the most comfortable for you, whether that’s surgery or at home.

Uniquely Tailored Treatments

With private healthcare, you’ll get treatment that has been specifically tailored to your unique requirements. You’re not restricted to the limitations of the NHS but will be able to access the latest and most cutting-edge options and a treatment plan that works specifically for you. This can often mean that treatment is more effective because it is more individually focused.

Fast and Professional – Our Private GP Service

If you’re considering seeing a GP, these are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to choose private healthcare for yourself and your family. Our excellent team will take care of all your needs and waste no time with your appointment. Get in touch to book your appointment now.

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