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10 Reasons why Children Should see a Private Paediatrician

When it comes to children’s health it’s really important that they are seen by someone who understands how individual every child is – and that they are not simply mini adults. A paediatrician is trained to offer healthcare specifically for kids, and seeing a private paediatrician offers a range of benefits.

How a Private Paediatrician can Help

  1. A child’s biology is different from an adult’s. Not just in terms of how they look but in terms of how they need to be treated and what they can, or can’t, tolerate. It’s vital to choose a healthcare practitioner who understands this.
  2. All children experience hormonal changes. This means that children’s bodies are essentially in a constant state of flux until the age of 18 or 21. Organs, muscles and bones will be at different stages of development for every child and treatment must take this into account. A private paediatrician will use child-friendly protocols and unique knowledge of the biology of young people.
  3. Size and weight matter. For example, they will have a big impact on how procedures need to be performed on organs and tissues of different sizes. A paediatrician is a specialist in this approach.
  4. Taking care of more vulnerable immune systems. Paediatricians understand how much more vulnerable the immune system of a child is to toxins, infections, and stressors and will factor this into treatment.
  5. Children’s bones are not yet fused. The biggest consequence of this is that the muscular-skeletal system of a child is completely different from that of an adult. This is why the specialist understanding and expertise of a paediatrician is so necessary.
  6. Private paediatric care is cutting-edge. Many paediatric wards are working with researchers to push the boundaries of paediatrics care and this is where you’ll find the most pioneering treatments.
  7. Blood pressure is different in children. The way blood circulates – as well as internal pressure – is not the same in children as it is in adults. This is primarily due to the fact that children’s bodily organs are changing all the time. In adults, blood pressure tends to be more or less stable so it’s a big difference that requires the skilled insights of a paediatrician to manage well.
  8. Care is easier to access and delivered more quickly. A private paediatrician won’t have the same waiting lists and can offer quicker appointments.
  9. Every child is different. A less well-informed practitioner may assume that all children change at the same rate, for example experiencing a growth spurt at the same time as their peers. However, the reality is that every child is unique and it takes a paediatrician with specialist understanding to tailor treatment and care in the right way.
  10. A Private Paediatrician can handle the physical and mental needs of children. Both are essential but not always covered by other healthcare solutions.

Putting Your Child’s Healthcare First

It’s a great decision to opt for a private paediatrician when it comes to healthcare for children. At Chase Lodge Hospital we offer a range of paediatric services, offering clinical excellence in a relaxed setting. Get in touch with our dedicated team and book an appointment.